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Мощный вариант продукта

CS-Cart gives you powerful capabilities to contol product options: create option combinations, add images for each option variant and combination, apply weight and price modifiers.

When creating an option, you can select its type. Besides the common option types—Select box, Radio group, and Checkbox—you can choose the Text, Text area, and File. The File type is useful for customizable products, where customers use their own graphic images.

Option Combinations

Combine option variants to create an option combination. Then add an image for each combination: when a customer chooses option variants on the product details page, the product image changes according to selected option variants.

You can also add forbidden combinations. Customers cannot select option variants of the product, if these variants make a forbidden combination.

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Price and Weight Modifiers for Each Option Variant

Price modifiers reduce or increase the original price of the product, if a customer selects a particular option variant.

Weight modifiers change product's weight depending on the selected option variant. This feature is useful for delivery cost calculation.

Sequential Options

By using sequential options you let your customers choose options successively, one after another. For example, if a product has two options, the second option is locked until a customer chooses the first one.

Thanks to this feature, your customers choose only allowed option combinations.

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Absolute Control over Your Catalog Inventory

программное обеспечение для корзины покупок

Track with options

Tracking product inventory with options allows you to know the exact number of in-stock items with particular option combinations.

This features is useful for tracking the in-stock quantity of apparel, since apparel can be of different sizes and colors.

Track without options

If you track a product inventory without options, you will see the common number of in-stock items of the current product.

Do not track

Do not track the inventory, if the product cannot be out of stock: downloadable software, e-books, entrance fees, etc.

Downloadable Products Ready

With this feature you can sell electronically distributed products in your online store. Enable this function in Settings / General / Catalog and you're good to go!

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Full Control of Export & Import

Data export and import feature is essential for a proper online store. CS-Cart offers the full control of the export and import functionality: you can export and import features, orders, products, subscribers, translations, and users.

This feature uses the CSV data format, which is commonly supported by other software. For example, you can export data from your store and then import it easily into any stock accounting system.